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Moving Now Requires ‘Near-Zero Human Effort’ At Chennai Factory

Moving Now Requires ‘Near-Zero Human Effort’ At Chennai Factory

Renewable sources are becoming an increasingly competitive option in meeting the world’s energy demand. Whether it’s solar, wind or hydro-power, a recent report from the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) shows that costs from all commercially available renewable power technologies declined in 2018.

A tipping point has been reached, with lower costs ultimately leading to lower-priced electricity for the consumer. Since the early 2000s, for instance, the worldwide average weighted cost of electricity from solar power concentration fell by 26%.

Underpinning this accelerating trend is the falling price of installation and maintenance. Without ever more efficient manufacturing and production processes supporting the revolution in renewable energy, any progress towards achieving greater sustainability would be severely limited.

When businesses commit to greater efficiency throughout the whole supply chain, there is a ripple effect. The ongoing success of renewable technology rests on the cumulative sum of all parts.

GE Renewable Technology in India is an example of this commitment to achieving ever greater productivity when manufacturing inverter panels.

The inverters, which can weigh up to 9,000 kg on skates, are used to convert a variable direct current (DC) into an alternating current which can then be fed back into an electrical network. Inverters are used in solar, wind and hydro-power technologies, and MasterMover is playing a part in ensuring the production of components used by the renewable industry runs as smoothly, seamlessly and cost-effectively as possible.

Previously, inverters at the Chennai site had been moved on skates with a manual pulling handle. It was a slow process and one that required a team of employees, as heavy and awkward components were transported by hand to the assembly area before the final product was moved to dispatch.

MasterMover and sales partner Carmac Technologies created a complete solution designed to move the inverters on trolleys that are pulled by a MT1000+.

Now, a single pedestrian operator can safely and efficiently move the load with ease even in the most difficult and narrow of spaces. There is less risk of damage to the high-value inverters and, by reducing the reliance on manual handling, operations can be completed more quickly and with less potential for accidents among employees.

MasterMover Export Sales Manager Simon Croskell said: “Our customer is using the MasterTug on a daily basis and is really impressed by the ease of handling and manoeuvrability with near zero human effort. Now, movement can be completed much more quickly, which has a positive effect on the whole production process.

“This is another example of how MasterMover electric tugs are helping some of the biggest names in renewable technology to improve efficiency in production, saving time and money.

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