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Production Flows At Norwegian Dairy

Production Flows At Norwegian Dairy

There will be no shortage of milk in Norway thanks to a MasterMover All Terrain Pusher.

One of the country’s largest producers and distributors of milk and cheese has recently set up an automated system at its processing plant.

The system, which was installed by our customer Advanced Machine Company Norway, involves milk cartons moving along a production line before being automatically stacked onto roll cages and moved to a dispatch area.

However, moving roll cages manually would have slowed down the whole process – meaning that any benefits would have cancelled out the improvements to efficiency made through the new system.

Instead, Advanced Machine Company specified an ATP400 to move a series of roll cages from production to dispatch. Now there is no interruption, and produce can be easily and quickly moved from the end of the line ready to be shipped out to consumers, before the roll cages are moved back again.

MasterMover Export Sales Manager Simon Croskell said: “The movement from production to dispatch is smooth, efficient and quick thanks to our machine. In addition, more roll cages can be moved in one go so there are even more productivity gains to be made.”

Even when surfaces are less than perfect, the ATP400 can push wheeled loads of up to 5,000 kg or up to 80,000 kg on rails. Options include a wireless controlled handset, which makes it the ideal solution for complete control and manoeuvrability.

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