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Electric tugs go behind the scenes to support Audience Systems

Published on : 07/11/2018

As a long-term customer of MasterMover, Audience Systems has turned to the company to provide solutions to keep its business […]

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MasterMover taking the push at Cork Airport

Published on : 06/11/2018

The MasterMover All Terrain Pusher (ATP400) is helping to keep the wheels of travel rolling for guests arriving and departing […]

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SmartMover SM100+ is sheets ahead at UK Midlands hospital

Published on : 05/11/2018

An East Midlands hospital is keeping laundry supplies moving with support from MasterMover. Fitted with a bespoke dual-purpose coupling, the […]

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MovingStories MasterMover Global News Autumn 2018

Published on : 31/10/2018

A warm welcome to our new quarterly edition of Moving Stories, where we share with you the industry benefits from […]

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MasterMover makes French connection in new business expansion

Published on : 12/09/2018

Electric tug manufacturer MasterMover is expanding its horizons across The Channel, with a new sales and service office near Paris. […]

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Move trailers single-handedly

Published on : 02/08/2017

Electric tug specialist MasterMover has launched its articulated trailer moving system, a pedestrian operated motorised electric tug that can move […]

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Improving efficiency in retail and logistics

Published on : 19/07/2017

Despite tight health and safety regulations to limit the number of accidents in the workplace, over half a million people […]

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The bread and butter of the food industry

Published on : 28/06/2017

Recent years have seen a significant increase in farm-to-fork initiatives. Many food manufacturers are now investing heavily in traceability to […]

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Lean, mean, tugging machines

Published on : 22/06/2017

Electric tug specialist MasterMover has extended its MasterTug series, a range of motorised industrial tugs for the construction, manufacturing and […]

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Improving efficiency for porters

Published on : 20/06/2017

For many, porters are the oil in the machine of many NHS hospitals, moving goods, equipment and patients around hospitals […]

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