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Delivering First Class Efficiency For Postal Service

Delivering First Class Efficiency For Postal Service

MasterMover has helped achieve a significant boost in safety and efficiency for a postal and courier service following the delivery of 40 ATP400 machines to their nationwide distribution centres.

Over the years, MasterMover has worked together with the customer to build a specification that would meet the demands of their busy sites. One of the features of the application is the inclusion of lithium batteries – allowing the consistent use of the equipment across three shifts.

In addition, the ATP400 allows a single operator to move up to 30 nested cages in line with the customer’s own safe system of work (although the machine is capable of moving more). This means that staff usually tied up moving single cages can be used elsewhere, making the whole workforce more efficient.

MasterMover’s UK Regional Sales Manager Lesley Lane said: “This project has been a fantastic example of partnership between organisations all focused on improving safety and efficiency. The new ATP400 machines have had a significant, positive impact on efficiency at the company’s network of distribution centres, with 30 containers now able to be moved at once instead of one at a time.

There has also been a considerable boost to safety onsite with staff no longer required to push and pull heavy wheeled loads by hand. Additionally, by reducing manual handling, MasterMover’s electric tugs allow complete visibility around the load, reducing the risk of accidents and damage.”

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