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Across a diverse range of industries, pedestrian operated electric tugs help facilities management businesses eliminate manual handling to improve workplace safety and productivity.

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Delivering the safe movement of wheeled loads such as waste bins, roll cages and linen trolleys, electric tugs reduce the risk of staff injuries by eliminating manual handling. With no operator license required, electric tugs empower a single operator to safely move loads – boosting productivity.

Facilities Management

Eliminating manual handling and improving staff safety 

For facilities management providers and integrated service providers, improving workplace safety and optimising efficiency is crucial.

Enabling operators to safely move heavy loads such as roll cages, catering equipment and linen and laundry cages, electric tugs help facilities management providers eliminate the need for manual handling and reduce the risk of injuries. 

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SmartMover SM100+ in a hospital pulling roll cages for facilities management


Waste Management

Effortless movement of waste bins and containers

For facilities and service providers managing commercial and residential properties, waste disposal handling often involves staff manually moving heavy waste bins for collection.

As part of this, staff can often have to move bins weighing up to 550kg – a laborious and strenuous task, particularly where slopes are involved. Our electric tugs enable a single operator to effortlessly move multiple bins – even on slopes - eliminating manual handling and reducing the risk of injury.  

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SmartMover SM100+ moving waste bins


Bin Moving

Bin moving made easy 

Ideal for apartment blocks, hospitals, care homes, universities, schools and hotels, our bin towing solutions eliminate manual handling and improve safety.

Enabling the safe movement of domestic and commercial bins, our BinMover allows a single operator to move multiple bins – even on slopes.

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TOW200 moving a waste bin up a slope



Remove manual handling and reduce staff fatigue

In busy healthcare settings, moving wheeled loads as safely and efficiently as possible while minimising risk to staff and patients can be difficult.

That’s why healthcare managers trust MasterMover’s pedestrian operated electric tugs to move roll cages, linen cages, medical equipment, clinical waste bins and more.

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SmartMover SM100+ moving laundry roll cages



Safe and timely movement of baggage trolleys in busy airports 

Busy airports across the world need reliable, safe and flexible load moving solutions to keep operations running smoothly and efficiently. Crowded terminal buildings can be challenging when it comes to transporting heavy and awkward wheeled loads such as baggage trolleys, catering equipment, retail roll cages and ground handling equipment.

Electric tugs enable the safe, efficient movement of heavy loads through congested environments, improving safety and maximising staff productivity.  

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AllTerrain ATP400 moving baggage trolleys in an airport


The benefits for facilities and waste management  

Prioritising workplace safety and improving staff productivity, electric tugs are used across numerous applications, including moving food containers, waste management, linen and roll cages. 

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    Keeping staff safe

    Eliminating manual handling in the movement of heavy loads and equipment reduces the risk of injuries – improving workplace safety.

  • Compact - icon

    Compact machines for tight areas

    Boasting a compact design, electric tugs deliver the controlled movement of loads, even in congested or tight areas, making them ideal for use in highly pedestrianised areas.  

  • Improving operational efficiency - icon

    Boost efficiency and productivity

    Delivering the effortless movement of loads, a single operator can safely manoeuvre even the heaviest of loads, enabling staff to focus on value-adding tasks and improving efficiency. 

Trusted by the facilities and waste industry 

Leading facilities and waste management providers trust MasterMover electric tugs to improve workplace safety and reduce the risk of injuries when moving heavy loads and equipment. 

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