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Safer Facilities Management With Roll Cage Mover

electric tug moving linked roll cages

A custodial facility in the North West of England has decided to overhaul their roll cage transportation processes. No longer will staff waste valuable time and resources by manually moving heavy loads across large areas of the site. Instead, they have embraced the power and safety of the LM100 electric tug.

Eliminating Manual Handling in Facilities Management

Gone are the days of struggling to push and pull roll cages up slopes or across uneven ground. With the SmartMover attached to the roll cage, goods can now be moved easily and safely, no matter the terrain. This innovative solution has transformed the way staff operate within the facility.

By connecting the SmartMover to the roll cages, staff can move them with incredible efficiency. The tug provides the necessary power to effortlessly transport the load across the facility, reducing journey times significantly. And the best part? Only one person is needed to operate the SmartMover, giving them complete control over the manoeuvres.

Anthony Brown, from MasterMover, expressed his excitement about the positive impact this change has made. He explained that previously, roll cages were used to move items from 'Goods In' across the facility. However, these roll cages were moved manually, presenting the risk of injury and tipping. Now, with the arrival of the LM100, one person can safely and efficiently handle the task, making the entire process much smoother.

The LM100 powered tug is truly a game-changer. With its small footprint and impressive load weight capacity of 1,000kg, it is the ideal solution for a wide variety of uses. Whether it's multiple roll cages, linen cages, or waste bins, the LM100 can handle it all. Its versatility and power make it a valuable asset to any facility looking to streamline their operations.

In conclusion, the custodial facility in the North West of England has recognized the need for a more efficient roll cage transportation system. By introducing the LM100 electric tug, they have eliminated the wastage of time and resources that occurred when moving these heavy loads manually. With its ease of use, safety features, and impressive capabilities, the LM100 has proven to be a reliable and effective solution. It's a true testament to the power of innovation and the positive impact it can have on everyday operations.

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