5 Benefits Of Electric Tugs

Material handling electric tugs

More companies are choosing to invest in alternative load moving solutions and unlocking the many benefits of using one of our electric tugs or tow tugs.

5 benefits of an electric tug
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1. Improve productivity

Let’s start with a basic outline of what an electric tug can do. It’s a versatile, compact machine that connects to a wheeled load and moves it. It’s that simple, and that effortless.

Which means that it can be a useful alternative to a forklift or overhead crane.

Rather than the constant stop and start of waiting for a trained forklift operator, a tug can connect and go. It doesn’t need hours of training to master and allows a single user to easily move even heavy and awkward loads of up to 70,000 kg and beyond.

Instead of multiple people moving a heavy load, just one person is needed – freeing up the time of employees to concentrate on other, more productive tasks.

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2. Reduce manual handling

Just because speed is of the essence doesn’t mean staff safety needs to suffer. In fact, a key benefit of an electric tug is that it boosts efficiency AND reduces risk of handling accidents too.

How does it work? Rather than a person pushing and pulling a load into place, the tug takes the strain. If you need to move something heavy up and down slopes, that’s not a problem either. An electric tug securely attaches to the load, creating an unbreakable connection.

Not only does this reduce the risk of toppling and trapped limbs, it also minimises the potential for long term problems like musculoskeletal disorders.

It’s why an electric tug is a favourite in the retail, logistics and healthcare sectors. When there is a need to move roll cages and laundry cages, it’s an electric tug that’s the trusted solution.

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3. Make the very best use of available space

Fixed infrastructure, such as a system of overhead cranes or pulleys and chains, means a fixed, static production process.

A MasterMover electric tug is more flexible. It allows production to scale down or up according to demand, as well as change layouts if needed.

For workplaces where space is tight – when other larger handling solutions may struggle to fit – an electric tug’s small footprint and superior manoeuvrability sets it ahead of other moving methods.

It has a small turning circle and can navigate around corners safely and easily. Which is why electric tugs and tow tugs can be often found in congested environments where there’s a high amount of footfall and space is limited.

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4. Save money on handling equipment

Fixed equipment like overhead cranes or a system of pulleys and chains can’t easily be moved around without spending a lot. Similarly, investing in and maintaining a fleet of forklifts can be costly.

An electric tug comes at a fraction of the price – and all without the additional expense associated with training forklift truck operators. Tugs don’t cost much to maintain either, so it’s a load moving solution that continues to save money in the long term.

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5. Environmental benefits of using an electric tug

Unlike alternative methods which may run on fuel, there are no harmful diesel fumes with a battery powered electric tug or tow tug. A MasterMover is flexible enough to be used inside and out and, because there are no harmful exhaust gases, no additional ventilation is required.

Low emission, low noise load moving methods are a win-win for everyone. Not only is this good for the environment, it’s great for staff too.