Rail & Locomotive

Reduce emissions, safely move heavy and awkward loads, create more efficient production processes

Safe and efficient material handling solutions for train manufacturers and locomotive service centres is why leading names in the rail sector trust MasterMover. Our battery-operated electric tugs, pushers and electric tow tugs help to move heavy and awkward loads in busy production areas – reducing risk to employees, cutting dangerous emissions and improving flexibility.

Our MasterTug range, which can move up to 20,000 kg, enable a pedestrian operator to easily push, pull and steer wheeled loads. Meanwhile, our PS3000+ can handle up to 30,000 kg and, when used in MultiLink mode, can move weights of up to 360,000 kg. When train manufacturing production lines and locomotive service centres are congested, relying on using other engines or forklift trucks to move in and out can result in high emissions and risk of accident. Instead, MasterMover’s solutions offer improved working conditions, all-round visibility and complete flexibility. There are other benefits too. With a safer working environment, manufacturers and service centres can enjoy improved efficiencies and less downtime.

We’re helping train and tram manufacturers and maintenance centres to move:

  • Bogies
  • Wagons
  • Carriages
  • Locomotives
  • HVAC units
  • Transformers
  • Wheels
  • Staging
  • Sleepers

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  • How MasterMover benefits train manufacturers and locomotive service centres

    • No emissions in the workshop area
    • Safely move loads through congested and busy working environments
    • Improve flexibility and create greater time efficiencies
    • Reduce the reliance on forklift trucks and overhead cranes with a more cost-effective solution
    • Smaller footprint of machines allows for better use of production areas

    Rail & Locomotive

    Handling solutions for train manufacturers and locomotive service centres