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SM100+ is sheets ahead at UK Midlands hospital

SM100+ is sheets ahead at UK Midlands hospital

An East Midlands hospital is keeping laundry supplies moving with support from MasterMover.

Fitted with a bespoke dual-purpose coupling, the SM100+ is proving its worth in the busy healthcare environment – enabling a single user to move two roll cages at a time, using the Xriss Xcross roll cage connection straps.

This means that a larger volume of goods can be transported in a shorter time across different areas of the hospital with slopes and small corridors, making the process safer and more efficient.

The dual-purpose coupling also allows different types of roll cages to be connected without the need for additional couplings or having to swap them over halfway through the job.

Trusted around the world to help keep supplies in hospitals running smoothly, the compact, easy to use and low noise SM100+ has the further benefit of supporting hygiene performance.

Power comes from a rechargeable battery, which enables the SM100+ to glide effortlessly across hospital sites, while an alert system enables users to see when levels are running low.

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