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Electric tugs are helping industrial manufacturers across the globe cut downtime, improve safety and increase both operational efficiency and flexibility.

Sectors we work in 

Our material handling solutions are used by clients in a diverse range of sectors to reduce downtime and improve workplace safety. 

Brick & Ceramic

Safe control of delicate loads

Moving heavy kiln carts is made simple and safe with electric tugs. A single operator can safely move heavy loads such as oven kilns, moulds and completed product without the risk of injury or fatigue.

Electric tugs help brick and ceramic manufacturers eliminate manual handling and reduce the risk of injury by delivering the safe, controlled movement of products, equipment and other loads. 

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AllTerrain ATP400 moving bricks


Cable & Wire Reel

Large reels handled with precision

Our innovative material handling solutions keep your manufacturing processes moving, delivering greater control and flexibility than traditional handling solutions. Maximise safety and efficiency when moving wind turbine blades, bearings, nacelles, and gearboxes with electric tugs. 

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PowerSteered PS3000+ moving cable reels



Seamless movement of loads, maximising control

Empowering a single operator to safely manoeuvre loads such as lamination trolleys, A-frame stillages, other glass handling equipment and materials, electric tugs enable glass manufacturers to improve workplace safety.

Alongside eliminating manual handling, electric tugs allow loads to be moved with complete control, perfect for handling sensitive loads in tight spaces.

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SmartMover SM100+ moving window frames



Compact paper reel handling equipment that maximises safety

Manufacturers of paper products need flexible, efficient and safe material handling solutions to move awkward and heavy loads.

The manual movement of large reels and paper rolls slows down processes and leads to employee injury and fatigue.

Delivering the effortless movement of large reels, electric tugs and electric pushers eliminate manual handling – maximising workplace safety and productivity. 

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AllTerrain MP400 moving a paper roll


Plastic & Metal Extrusion

Safely move stillages and hoppers 

Whether it’s transporting large stillages of finished products or hoppers to the production line, our electric tugs reduce the need for manual handling and create safer, more efficient working environments.

Electric tugs help manufacturers reduce their reliance on forklift trucks and side loaders, minimising maintenance costs and downtime, and maximising efficiency.

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MasterTug moving metal pipes


Prefabricated Modular Building Assembly

Moving modular buildings just got easier 

Improving flowline processes in the manufacture of prefabricated and modular building structures can be challenging. That’s why modular construction manufacturers who want agile, lean and efficient load moving solutions trust our electric tugs.

MasterMover machines are used to create seamless operations and maximise productivity when moving modular buildings, pods, site cabins and other prefabricated components, through the production line or out to finishing points.

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PowerSteered PS3000+ moving a modular building during construction


Steel & Fabrication

Reduce downtime to maximise production flow

Working alongside lifting equipment, electric tugs offer total flexibility in congested production environments.

Production can keep moving without costly delays by reducing reliance on overhead cranes and forklift trucks for moving components and work-in-progress through sites. With maximum visibility, electric tugs also help steel manufacturers to improve safety.

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MasterTug moving steel structures



Safer handling of loads in textile manufacturing

Electric tugs are used across the textile industry to eliminate manual handling and remove the risk of injury by providing the safe, controlled movement of materials and A-frame fabric rolls.

Trusted by leading manufacturers, electric tugs enable a single operator to seamlessly push, pull and steer the heaviest of loads. 

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SmartMover SM100+ moving rolls of textiles


Boat & Yacht Manufacturing

Precise and controlled movement of high-value loads

Maximising space in crowded boat manufacturing facilities can be a challenge. Relying on forklift trucks and overhead cranes to move boats and yachts through the production process can compromise efficiency and safety – especially where poor visibility means production slows to a standstill to achieve safe movement.

Electric tugs enable a single operator to move the heaviest loads through tight spaces with complete control, with remote control options to maximise operator visibility

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MasterTug moving a yacht in a boat yard after construction


Rail & Rolling Stock

Safe, efficient movement of loads in manufacture and maintenance

For locomotive manufacturers and maintenance providers alike, finding material handling solutions that maximise efficiency and deliver on safety can be a challenge.

MasterMover electric tugs and pushers are used across the industry to transfer loads safely and efficiently, such as bogies, axles, wheelsets and carriages throughout processes.

Boasting emissions-free designs and compact footprints, electric tugs can safely work inside and outside workshops to maximise efficiency. 

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AllTerrain ATP400 moving a train


The benefits for manufacturing and assembly  

Working across a diverse range of industries, MasterMover electric tugs help you maximise production efficiency and improve workplace safety.

Whether it’s in eliminating manual handling in glass manufacturing or providing the flexible movement of bogies in rail maintenance, electric tugs are relied on to drive safety and efficiency. 

  • Staff safety - icon

    Keeping staff safe

    Eliminating manual handling and reducing reliance on forklift trucks enables manufacturers to improve workplace safety by minimising the risk of injuries and collisions. 

  • Improving operational efficiency - icon

    Improving efficiency

    Delivering the effortless movement of loads with no operator license required, electric tugs help manufacturers reduce downtime and enable staff to focus on value-adding tasks. 

  • Compact - icon

    Compact machines for tight areas

    Boasting a compact design, electric tugs deliver the controlled movement of loads, even in congested or tight areas, making them ideal for use in highly pedestrianised areas.  

Trusted by leading industrial manufacturers  

Leading industrial manufacturers from across the globe trust MasterMover electric tug to improve workplace safety and reduce the risk of injuries when moving heavy-wheeled loads and equipment.

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