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Easing the aches and pains of life as a hospital porter

Easing the aches and pains of life as a hospital porter

Sore backs and shoulders, strains and sprains are sometimes seen as an inevitable part of life as a hospital porter. Moving heavy laundry cages, waste bins and medical equipment can take its toll, resulting in time spent off sick and creating a knock-on effect throughout a service that’s vital to keep healthcare environments running smoothly and efficiently.

When a Scottish hospital wanted to improve the way porters moved laundry bins weighing up to 250 kg, managers turned to MasterMover’s electric tugs for a better alternative to pushing and pulling the loads by hand.

The bins, which are awkward and difficult to move, are a common sight in UK hospitals and, as MasterMover’s Allan Griffiths explains, it was important to create a design that worked alongside existing NHS property.

The Technical Sales Engineer for Scotland and Northern Ireland said: “Initially, the managers considered replacing the larger bins with smaller bins – because the problem of employees suffering from sore backs and shoulders was such a widespread problem. However, it was decided to use a SmartMover alongside a specially designed bracket which was made in such a way that it did not require any alterations to the bin itself. The most heart-warming thing I saw was from an older employee who wanted to keep working more than anything but genuinely thought he was going to have to stop because of the difficulty in moving the bins. His reaction as soon as he started using the SmartMover was fantastic. He really appreciated the difference it made. I could immediately see the positive impact it has had on the porters’ working lives.”

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