Waste Management

Reduce risk to staff, move different types of bins, transport heavy and awkward loads easily

Preventing delays to the workflow and keeping services moving while protecting employees from risk can be a challenge for the waste and facilities management sector.

From bins to laundry cages, transporting heavy and awkward loads necessitates a reliable and robust solution that offers improved productivity and safety. That’s why MasterMover’s manual handling solutions can be found in hospitals, hotels, shopping centres and residential developments across the world.

A single pedestrian operator can safely move loads from 50 kg up to 1,200 kg thanks to our innovative SmartMover range. Meanwhile, our machines are also capable of moving multiple cages over large distances, as well as over less-than-perfect surfaces, slopes and rough terrain.

We’re helping customers in the waste and facilities management sector to move:

  • Bins
  • Waste containers
  • 1,100 litre bins
  • Laundry cages

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  • Benefits for the waste and facilities management sector

    • Dramatically reduce manual handling
    • Move multiple bins over large distances with ease
    • Improve efficiency
    • Reduce employee fatigue and injuries, sickness and compensation claims
    • Safely move loads up slopes with ease

    Waste Management

    We're helping the waste and facilities management sector to move heavy loads safely