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Up to 20,000kg

Compact, powerful and easy to use electric tugs for the controlled movement of loads up to 20,000kg

The MasterTug range delivers unrivalled manoeuvrability when moving heavy-wheeled loads weighing up to 20,000kg. Utilising a unique weight transfer principle, the MasterTug range can move heavy weights whilst retaining an incredibly compact machine footprint. The design makes the MasterTug range perfect for working in confined spaces and facilitating precise movements. 

With ergonomic controls, lightweight steering and an intuitive design, the MasterTug takes the strain and empowers an operator to move heavy loads with complete control. A secure coupling system maximises load security and performance, guaranteeing total peace of mind.  

The powerful performance of the MasterTug allows operators to push, pull and steer loads inside, outside and on slopes with complete control. 

MasterTug Key Features 

With a design that maximises control and safety, the MasterTug range of electric tugs delivers maximum manoeuvrability and precision, protecting operators, loads and the surrounding environment. 

Staff safety - icon


  • Audible horn, flashing safety light, emergency stop button and anti-crush button 
  • Speed control with two-speed selector switch option for maximum control  
  • Complete load security 
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  • Powerful weight-moving capabilities through weight transfer 
  • Start, move and stop movement on slopes 
  • Optimised hydraulics guarantee a smooth connection and movement  
Scalable pulling power - icon


  • AC motor optimises speed and power 
  • Slide out, interchangeable batteries deliver 24/7 performance 
  • An optional Battery Protection System maximises longevity  
Secure coupling - icon


  • Secure coupling system delivers controlled movement of loads
  • Unique mast design enables operators to connect to loads at different heights 
  • CombiCoupling, BoxCoupling and custom coupling options available 

Explore the MasterTug Range

No operator license required, the MasterTug range maximises operational efficiency and helps businesses reduce reliance on traditional material handling equipment to minimise downtime. 

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    • Load capacity 2000 kg
    • Maximum slope 8 degrees
    • Max distance per charge (standard battery) 10.6 km
    • Charge time (external charger) 3.75h


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    • Load capacity 3000 kg
    • Maximum slope 8 degrees
    • Max distance per charge (standard battery) 11.7 km
    • Charge time (external charger) 5h


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    • Load capacity 4000 kg
    • Maximum slope 8 degrees
    • Max distance per charge (standard battery) 12.2 km
    • Charge time (external charger) 7h


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    • Load capacity 6000 kg
    • Maximum slope 8 degrees
    • Max distance per charge (standard battery) 8.4 km
    • Charge time (external charger) 7h


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    • Load capacity 8000 kg
    • Maximum slope 8 degrees
    • Max distance per charge (standard battery) 11.7 km
    • Charge time (external charger) 6h


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    • Load capacity 10000 kg
    • Maximum slope 8 degrees
    • Max distance per charge (standard battery) 9.5 km
    • Charge time (external charger) 6h


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    • Load capacity 12000 kg
    • Maximum slope 8 degrees
    • Max distance per charge (standard battery) 8 km
    • Charge time (external charger) 6h


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    • Load capacity 15000 kg
    • Maximum slope 8 degrees
    • Max distance per charge (standard battery) 6.5 km
    • Charge time (external charger) 6h


    Download technical information
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    • Load capacity 20000 kg
    • Maximum slope 8 degrees
    • Max distance per charge (standard battery) 5.1 km
    • Charge time (external charger) 7h

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    Safety & machine options

    Designed with the operator in mind, the MasterTug range is simple to use, reliable and flexible. Packed full of features to help drive safety and efficiency, a range of additional options are also available.

    MasterTug CombiCoupling

    Combi coupling

    Creates a secure connection optimising performance and manoeuvrability.

    MasterTug Combi lock

    Combi lock

    Works alongside the CombiCoupling to guarantee total load security.

    MasterTug BoxCoupling

    Box coupling

    Benefit from a secure connection, perfect for rough surfaces with the BoxCoupling system.

    MasterTug Channel Coupling

    Channel coupling

    Connect directly to your load to maximise flexibility.

    Custom coupling - icon

    Custom couplings

    Connect directly to your load to maximise flexibility.

    MasterTug high-capacity batteries

    High-capacity batteries

    Increased capacity batteries for longer performance.

    MasterTug lithium battery

    Lithium battery

    Power when you need it, enabling opportunity charging for demanding applications.

    MasterTug battery protection system

    Battery protection system

    Maximise your battery service life by preventing battery damage.

    MasterTug internal charger

    Internal onboard chargers

    Our onboard chargers provide flexible charging when you need it.

    MasterTug external charger

    External charger

    Guarantees fast, optimised charging for fixed locations.

    MasterTug battery stand

    Battery stand

    Make battery changes easy with our battery stand, perfect for storage.

    MasterTug battery trolley

    Battery trolley

    Easy, hassle-free battery changeovers with the flexibility of a mobile trolley.

    MasterTug two speed selector switch

    Two speed selector switch

    Adjustable speed settings at your fingertips.

    MasterTug flashing safety light and bleeper

    Safety light beeper

    Maximise safety when moving loads through congested areas.

    MasterTug emergency stop button

    Emergency stop

    Allows you to immediately stop the machine.

    MasterTug anti-crush button

    Anti-crush button

    Protect operators and maximise operator safety when moving loads.

    MasterTug warning horn

    Warning horn

    Perfect for congested areas, alert pedestrians when moving loads.

    MasterTug automatic tiller cut off

    Automatic cut-off

    Preventing accidental operation of the machine.

    MasterTug castor guard

    Castor guard

    Maximises operator safety and prevents the risk of foot trapping and injuries.

    MasterTug remote control

    Remote control

    Maximise visibility when moving loads in straight lines or on rails.

    We have an MT600+ and an MT1000+, MasterMover always attend site on-time for any maintenance or issues, and are always very helpful. Everyone I've dealt with at MasterMover has been very knowledgeable and helpful.

    Benefits of the MasterTug Range

    The MasterTug range of electric tugs is used across the world in industrial manufacturing, offering the controlled movement of loads inside, outside and on slopes:

    Weight capacity - icon

    Safe movement of loads weighing up to 20,000kg

    Licence free operation - icon

    License-free operation

    Zero emissions - icon

    Zero emissions

    Compact - icon

    Compact machines for tight spaces

    Secure load movement - icon

    Secure movement of loads

    Eliminate manual handling - icon

    Eliminate manual handling

    All terrain - icon

    Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

    Secure coupling - icon

    Easy and secure couplings

    Your Questions, Answered – FAQs

    Does the MasterTug range lift the load off the floor?

    No, electric tugs do not lift the load. They are designed to keep the load safely on the ground, maximising safety and reducing risk.

    Can the MasterTug range push and pull?

    Yes, the MasterTug range can push, pull and steer heavy loads weighing up to 20,000kg.

    What is the maximum speed of the MasterTug range?

    With the Two Speed Selector switch, ‘Tortoise’ mode enables you to maximise control and operate the machine at a slower speed setting of 1.2kph. In the faster ‘Hare’ setting, the machine’s speed is 3kph. Machines can be set with custom speed settings where required, with a maximum programmable speed of 6kph. 

    How far can the MasterTug range travel on one charge?

    Battery performance varies from model to model and is influenced by load weight, battery capacity, environmental conditions and usage.

    Individual battery performance data can be found on the Technical Specification Sheets for each model.

    How does the MasterTug range connect?

    A range of coupling options are available across the range that maximise performance, security and safety. Custom coupling solutions can also be designed for unique applications. 

    Can the MasterTug range work on slopes?

    Yes, the MasterTug range can work safely on slopes. When it comes to electric tugs, it’s important to understand that for every degree of slope involved, the maximum load capacity of the machine is reduced, just as pushing a car on the level requires less force than on a slope.

    Therefore, if the weight of the load is already close to the maximum capacity of the machine, a more powerful machine may be needed to move the load on a slope. We carry out a full evaluation of your application to ensure any machine is suited to your needs. 

    How can such a compact machine move such a heavy load?

    We’re often asked how such small machines can move such heavy and large loads. The unique design of the MasterTug range means it can move heavy loads of up to 20,000kg, much greater in size than the tug. This is through our patented weight transfer system.  This design transfers an element of the load weight down through the MasterTug’s drive wheel to gain traction. 

    Is an operator license or training required?

    No, unlike lifting equipment such as forklift trucks and cranes, an electric tug does not require a license to operate. A license-free operation reduces downtime and maximises operational efficiency, reducing wasted time waiting for a licensed driver.

    Minimal training is required to safely operate an electric tug and we offer training packages to suit every requirement. 

    Sectors we work in


    Aerospace overview

    Unlock safer material handling processes in the aerospace industry with electric tugs.

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    Energy & Petrochemical

    Energy & Petrochemical overview

    Maximum performance and manoeuvrability of heavy loads in the energy industry.

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    Automotive & Heavy Plant

    Automotive, Heavy Plant & Rail overview

    Choose electric tugs to enhance lean processes and increase shop floor flexibility.

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    Food & Beverage

    Food & Beverage overview

    Eliminate manual handling with electric tugs for safer food material handling – maximising efficiency and reducing the risk of injuries.

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    Retail, Logistics & Warehousing

    Retail, Logistics & Warehousing overview

    The ideal manual handling solution to maximise efficiency and safety within retail and logistics.

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    Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences

    Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences overview

    Safely manoeuvre heavy, high-value equipment, eliminating manual handling and maximising production efficiency.

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    Facilities & Waste

    Waste & Facilities overview

    Eliminate manual handling and maximise safety in facilities and waste management.

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    Manufacturing & Assembly

    Manufacturing & Assembly overview

    Industrial manufacturers trust electric tugs to improve workplace safety and supercharge operational efficiency.

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    Ready to Unlock Safer Operations?

    Are you looking to improve safety and efficiency in your operations? Contact us to discover how you could transform your processes to enhance efficiency and maximise workplace safety with an electric tug or electric tow tug. 

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