MasterHandler MH400+ SS

4,000 kg

The MasterHandler MH400+ stainless steel electric power tug moves loads where all application wheels are multi directional. It is designed to keep the travelling load straight and stop uncontrolled sideways movement. It benefits from a hydraulic coupling system that creates excellent traction. The compact machine works well in space restricted areas which allows turning within its own space. Variable speed and auto stop controls are also standard.

Key Features

  • Push and Pull any load safely up to 4,000 kg
  • Ensures health and safety compliance
  • Offers complete control and manoeuvrability
  • Reinforces lean manufacturing principles
  • Reduces manual handling
  • Makes your operation mobile and flexible
  • Optional upgrade to IP55

Technical Info

Product code MH400+
Recommended load weight - Castors 4000 kg
Drive motor power 16000 kg
Machine weight including battery 245 kg
Charger - external - 10A 24V - 110V-240V
Charger - external - 15A 24V - 110V-240V
Increases safety and efficiency
Controller type AC
Variable machine speed 0.1 km/h - 5 km/h
Drive type Electric AC
Drive wheel type Polyurethane
External charger input voltage 85 to 265v
Charging time** 3h 00m
Bespoke couplings available
Option - two speed selector switch
Option - flashing safety light and motion bleeper
Option - ATEX
Automatic cut off as tiller arm returns to vertical
Anti-crush button
Emergency stop button
Warning horn

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