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NHS Supply Chain Invest In Electric Power Tug To Move 50 Nested Cages At Once

NHS Supply Chain Invest In Electric Power Tug To Move 50 Nested Cages At Once

SmartMover moves nested rollcages around site ensuring safety for operators

When the NHS Supply Chain identified a requirement for a machine capable of moving up to 50 empty roll cages at a time in one of their premises, they looked no further than MasterMover® to provide the solution.

Following an evaluation and demonstration at one of their six busy regional distribution centres, three MP50 MasterPushers were specified to manoeuvre the A frame roll cages around centres in Maidstone, Runcorn and Bridgwater.

The MP50 hitches to the rear of the convoy of roll cages and provides the power required to push the weight of the load. The operator simply pushes the MP50 avoiding the situation of potential injury from bearing the strain of the load. A manual cage puller, supplied by MasterMover®, is used at the front of the convoy by a second operator to guide and steer the load.

The MasterPusher is a highly efficient machine with a capacity to push loads of up to 64000kgs through the direct drive transmission. The operator can specify the speed and performance of the unit so that it operates at the optimum level as required by the business whilst the secondary electromagnetic braking and emergency reverse are fitted as standard features to further enhance controllability. The coupling system is designed specifically to suit the application.

Julian Light, Operations Manager for NHS Supply Chain in Maidstone, commented; “We needed a solution to manoeuvring a number of empty nested roll cages around safely, with no chance of our operators picking up injuries through shunting the loads themselves. The beauty of the MasterPusher is that it not only brings additional productivity to our distribution operation, it is also very easy to use and minimizes the risks of compensation claims through injury.”

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