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Electric Tug solves medical assessment problem

Electric Tug solves medical assessment problem

PACE Paparazzi Catering & Event GmbH purchased 2, SM100+ MasterMover electric tug units with a special coupling that fits to 6 different trolleys.

Founded in 2005, PACE Paparazzi Catering & Event GmbH is a fully owned subsidiary of Axel Springer AG. They have over one million guests a year in their restaurants as well as at numerous events. The company employs approximately 293 people in Berlin and is continuously growing.


After a medical assessment it became apparent that the physical strain on employees when moving retail and catering trolleys by hand, needed addressing.

PACE was looking for a product to fix this specific issue and found the solution with a MasterMover Electric Tug.


Purchasing 2 SM100+ electric tugs with a special coupling, solved the problem PACE was having.

In addition, the enormous flexibility, maneuverability and extremely low weight of the machine was the perfect solution for the customer.

The customer was very happy and satisfied with the development of the special coupling by the MasterMover design team and now the electric tugs fit all their different trolleys. Antje Muuß commented, “we have addressed the issue that was identified in the assessment, we are very satisfied with the electric tugs and the efforts of your design team. In addition, we are impressed with the battery life of the products, as they are used at least 30 times a day.”


1. The machines helped solve the issue from the medical assessment, removing the physical strain of pushing or pulling the trolleys

2. In addition, the retail and catering trolleys can now be moved safely, quickly and easily

3. The MasterMover SM100+ electric tugs can be used with all the customer’s different trolleys

If you wish to find out more about our SM100+ electric tug, or indeed any product from our MasterMover range then please call us on 01335 301030.

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