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Boat Mover Tug Replaces Brute Force During Production Of Super Yachts

One issue faced by the majority of boat builders is the lack of space within the traditional boat yard; a problem compounded by the size of the modern luxury super yacht and the equipment needed for its production.

In one particular case, MasterMover was approached by a company that builds modern, composite super yachts, from the keel upwards, in huge moveable boat cradles. The yachts were being built, step-by-step, through a number of production stages, getting heavier as they progressed down the line. The 40 ft move between each of the seven stages was accomplished using sheer brute-force manpower with the odd intervention by a forklift truck – a situation that was far from ideal considering the restricted space, manual handling issues and time taken.

Since the introduction of one of MasterMover’s 15,000 KG capacity MT20 tugs it now takes far less manpower to move the cradles, no matter what stage of production they are at. The moves can also be achieved in a fraction of the time. Congestion is also no longer an issue and positioning accuracy, to line the semi-completed hulls up with the respective workstations and tools, has been greatly improved.

MasterMover was also asked to address the company’s end-of-line hull transitions, where the hulls moved from production to a test and despatch area. Before MasterMover came on the scene, this was achieved by a forklift towing the cradle and two operators manually steering at the rear. This approach was fraught with issues, due primarily to the confined space and the weight of the finished hull. Since the introduction of two MasterTugs, one at either end of the cradle, it now takes two men just five minutes to complete what used to be a 45-minute, multiple-person job – with far less opportunity for damage.

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