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No More Strain On Staff At Silicon Chip Factory

No More Strain On Staff At Silicon Chip Factory

For a manufacturer of silicon chips, reducing strain among employees was one of the key drivers behind a decision to look at alternative ways of moving awkward components.

The Scottish company, which is a supplier to the automotive and computer industry, had recently extended its factory to meet production demand – and needed staff to move the parts on trolleys from one end of the building to the other.

With a total movement of 2,000 metres, it was a time-consuming, slow and physically demanding task.

To help complete the transportation of the components more safely and efficiently, the manufacturer decided to use the TOW200 coupled to a bespoke trolley.

The opportunity was presented by MasterMover’s sales partner Safetrade 247 and to meet the manufacturer’s exact needs, we worked in partnership to develop an ideal solution by connecting an MasterMover TOW200 to a series of linked, custom trolleys.

Thomas Innes, Director of Safetrade 247, said: “The end result is that, as well as reducing manual handling, the new solution is also supporting greater productivity as time taken to move components across the factory has been reduced.

“We’ve had some great feedback and we’re delighted to have helped the manufacturer in really maximising the potential of the new factory extension.”

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