Retail, Logistics & Warehousing

Optimising material handling processes is a key focus for many retail, logistics and warehouse companies.

Further fuelled by increasing demand and labour shortages, retailers are increasingly adopting electric tugs to improve safety and maximise operational efficiency. 

Optimising material handling efficiency from fulfilment to delivery

Adopted across the industry, electric tugs are eliminating manual handling and improving operational efficiency for retailers, third-party logistics providers (3PL) and warehouse operations across the globe.

Retail & Delivery

Making safe store deliveries a one-person job 

Electric tugs make city and town centre retail deliveries a one-person job – without compromising on safety. The movement of heavy roll cages no longer needs to be physically demanding on staff.

Delivering the safe and effortless movement of heavy roll cages, electric tugs empower a single operator to handle roll containers without the risk of injury, even on slopes and challenging environments.

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SmartMover SM100+ moving a off a retail delivery lorry


Logistics & Warehousing

Transforming logistics operations to maximise efficiency

Rising e-commerce and consumer demand continue to add pressure to logistics providers and warehouses to maximise efficiency in replenishment and fulfilment processes.

Whether it’s the movement of nested roll cages, or the automated transfer of empty cages in replenishment lanes, electric tugs work alongside lifting equipment to help logistics providers maximise efficiency.

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MasterTug moving nested roll cages outside a warehouse


Roll Cage Movement

A safer way to move roll cages 

With 35% of accidents in the industry resulting from the manual movement of roll cages, it’s time to revolutionise the way roll cages are moved.

Removing the need for physical effort, our Roll Cage Mover takes the strain away from operators and eliminates manual handling – reducing the risk of injuries.

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SmartMover SM100+ moving roll cages off a lorry


Trailer Movement

Efficient trailer movement for busy depots

Depots often rely on a combination of shunters, forklift trucks and lorry cabs to move empty trailers around the yard. Requiring licensed, trained drivers for short-distance movements leads to bottlenecks in the movement of trailers from bays to docks, driving many logistics providers to look for more efficient options. 

Our electric Trailer Moving System makes light work of unladen trailers weighing up to 20,000kg with zero emissions. Perfectly suited for congested depots and requiring no license to operate, they deliver maximum visibility and maximise efficiency. 

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Trailer Moving System moving a Cartwright articulated lorry trailer


The benefits for retail, logistics and warehouse businesses  

For retail, logistics and warehouse businesses, electric tugs help maximise efficiency and optimise workplace safety.

  • Staff safety - icon

    Keeping staff safe

    Electric tugs eliminate manual handling – improving workplace safety and reducing the risk of accidents.  

  • Improving operational efficiency - icon

    Accelerating operational efficiency 

    Electric tugs allow operators to move multiple loads at once and, with no operator license required, they maximise efficiency and streamline material handling processes.   

  • Moving on slopes - icon

    Total control, even on slopes

    Powerful performance and intuitive controls guarantee the controlled movement of loads, even on slopes.

Trusted by the leading retail and logistics companies 

Leading global retail and logistics providers trust MasterMover electric tugs to boost production efficiency and maximise workplace safety.  

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AGV300 TOW electric tug

AGVs for warehouse

Supercharge warehouse efficiency and labour productivity

Our warehouse AGV systems enable logistics providers to drive operational efficiency and maximise resource utilisation. AGVs can move multiple loads simultaneously, reducing wasted time and maximising labour productivity – ideal for the pressures of busy warehouses.

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