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Trailer Manufacturer Increases Output With Second Production Line

electric trailer mover moving trailer

In today's fast-paced manufacturing industry, efficiency and flexibility are key factors for success. That's why when a leading German trailer manufacturer was looking for an improved way to move trailers and increase production output, they turned to MasterMover for a solution.

As a subsidiary of one of Europe's top trailer manufacturers, this German company specialises in applying vinyl wrapping to lorry trailer frames at their facility in North West Germany. Previously, they relied on a chain and pulley system to move the trailers, but they soon realised that it was limiting their flexibility and hindering their ability to meet growing demand.

Exploring Options to Grow Production Output

Assessing their current processes, the manufacturer assessed a number of different options before settling on an electric trailer moving system from MasterMover. 

With a current chain and pulley system used to transfer trailers throughout the production process, the logical first step was to assess if this could be extended to enable them to open a second production line and increase production output. However, chain and pulley systems involve civil works to install, making them an expensive alteration. Likewise, the manufacturer wanted a way to be able to scale up and down operations in line with demand. A fixed chain and pulley system was simply too inflexible and rigid for their needs. 

Seeking a more flexible and cost-effective solution, the company explored more mobile, modular solutions. Their search led them to find MasterMover and, specifically their Trailer Moving System. MasterMover's Trailer Moving Systems are pedestrian operated electric trailer movers, machines purpose-built to move heavy commercial trailers through manufacture. 

Quickly recognising the benefits of a flexible, mobile solution, the trailer manufacturer knew that by investing in 17 TMS1100+ electric trailer movers they'd be able to increase production output and improve efficiency. 

These powerful machines revolutionised their trailer moving process, allowing a single operator to safely move 11,000kg trailers.

Markus Schubert, the head of MasterMover GmbH, emphasised the importance of increasing production line flexibility to meet current and future demands:

“The old chain system would have limited their expansion plans and hindered their ability to open an additional production line. However, with the implementation of MasterMover's electric tugs, the German manufacturer was able to overcome these challenges and achieve their goal of increased production”.

The success of this collaboration between the German trailer manufacturer and MasterMover can be attributed to the trust and confidence the customer has in the solution provided. The feedback from the manufacturer has been overwhelmingly positive, as they have experienced first-hand the benefits of this innovative solution.

By embracing a more flexible solution and investing in the right equipment, this German trailer manufacturer has positioned itself for continued success in a highly competitive industry. With the ability to move trailers easily and efficiently, they are well-equipped to meet increasing demands and boost their production output.

The story of this German trailer manufacturer serves as a testament to the power of effective material handling and the significant impact it can have on a company’s efficiency. It highlights the importance of staying ahead of the curve and constantly seeking ways to improve and optimise operations. With MasterMover as its trusted partner, this German manufacturer can confidently navigate the challenges of the industry and continue to meet the evolving needs of their customers.

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