Food and Beverage

Reduce manual handling, move loads easily, exercise complete control

For food and drink companies operating under tight regulatory standards, meeting fast-paced deadlines while preventing contamination can be a real challenge. Our products save time and money when it comes to moving equipment, vats and ingredients in clean room environments.

From small pedestrian electric tugs to bespoke machines which can be coupled to a wide range of trolleys, our solutions can move wheeled loads from 50 kg up to 30,000 kg. Tugs can also be fully washed down after use, while stainless steel options ensure clean room compliance is maintained throughout the production process.

Even in tight spaces with slippery and sloping floors, a single person has complete stop/start control and total manoeuvrability. No more waiting for a trained and licensed forklift operator. Downtime is reduced to create fast and lean manufacturing environments that still deliver improved safety for employees.

We’re helping clients in food and beverage to move:

  • Ovens and cooling racks
  • Vats and bins
  • Hoppers & tanks
  • Roll cages

    To arrange an onsite survey and consultation with one of our food and beverage material handling specialists, call us on 07 3490 9600 or submit your enquiry.

  • How MasterMover products benefit clients in food and beverage

    • Quick and easy movement of ingredients, machines and finished products
    • Ideal for clean room environments
    • Dramatic reduction in manual handling
    • Controlled movement of heavy loads even on wet surfaces
    • Cuts non-added value time in fast-paced production lines

    Food and Beverage

    We’re helping food and beverage clients to keep up with demand in a sector where cost, quality and safety is everything