Safer material handling for airport logistics


Take safety to new heights in airport logistics with solutions to move baggage trolleys, catering equipment, retail roll cages, ground handling equipment and more.

AllTerrain ATP400 moving baggage trolleys in an airport

Manually moving heavy loads in busy airports

Crowded terminal buildings can be challenging when it comes to transporting heavy and awkward wheeled loads such as baggage trolleys, catering equipment, retail roll cages and ground handling equipment.

For airport staff, the manual movement of loads over long distances results in fatigue, the risk of injury and low productivity.

Improve staff safety and boost productivity 

Enabling a single operator to safely move multiple loads, electric tugs eliminate manual handling and improve workplace safety in airports.

Offering a safer alternative to manual handling, electric tugs are ideal for moving roll cages, catering equipment and baggage trolleys over long distances, reducing the risk of injury and boosting productivity. 

The benefits of electric tugs for airports

Busy airports across the world need reliable, safe and flexible load moving solutions to keep operations running smoothly and efficiently.

Electric tugs enable a single operator to safely move heavy loads, maximise productivity and improving workplace safety. 

  • Eliminate manual handling - icon

    Eliminate manual handling

    Make the movement of heavy loads safer – electric tugs reduce the risk of injuries by eliminating manual handling.

  • Improve productivity - icon

    Improve productivity

    With a single operator able to move the heaviest of loads, electric tugs allow staff to focus on more productive activities. 

  • Move multiple loads - icon

    Move multiple loads at once, safely

    Whether it’s moving multiple retail roll cages or trains of baggage carts, electric tugs take the strain – allowing you to move multiple loads at once.

Our range of airport electric tugs 

Trusted by global airports 

The world’s biggest airports trust MasterMover’s compact electric tugs to safely move loads, boosting productivity and improving workplace safety.  

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Our staff have given us some great feedback and love the MasterMover’s simplicity of use and safety features. Now, one person can easily move the bins without strain or effort. 

Your Questions, Answered - FAQs

What do electric tugs move in airports? 

Electric tugs are used to eliminate manual handling and improve workplace safety in the movement of loads such as:

  • Roll cages
  • Baggage trolleys & luggage carts
  • Catering trolleys
  • Ground handling equipment
Is an operator license or training required?   

No, electric tugs do not require a license to operate. A license-free operation makes electric tugs an attractive option for airports looking to streamline the movement of loads and improve safety.  

Minimal training is required to safely operate an electric tug and we offer training packages to suit every requirement.     

How are electric tugs powered?   

Electric tugs are battery powered, with interchangeable batteries or lithium options available, electric tugs can deliver 24/7 operation to keep your processes moving.

Offering zero emissions from the point of use, electric tugs are ideally suited for indoor use.

How do electric tugs connect? 

A range of coupling options are available across the range that maximise performance, security and safety.

Custom coupling solutions can also be designed for unique applications.     

We're here to help 

If you’re looking to improve safety, remove the risk of injury and unlock greater operational efficiency, we’re here to help. Speak to our team to discuss your application.