Create leaner production processes

Engine, Pump & Generator

Streamlining the movement of heavy equipment for engine, pump and generator manufacturers, electric tugs drive operational efficiency and deliver total flexibility. 

MasterTug MT1500 moving a generator at Cummins

The challenges of inflexible material handling

For manufacturers of engine, pump and generators, moving heavy loads and equipment can be a challenge. Often relying on lifting equipment such as forklift trucks and overhead cranes to move loads means many manufacturers struggle to maximise efficiency and create flexible operations.

Flexible solutions to drive operational efficiency

Our electric tugs allow a single operator to efficiently move heavy loads such as engines, generator components and pumps throughout the production process. With no operator license required, there’s no wasted time in waiting for a licensed driver, maximising productivity and production flow – empowering engine, generator and pump manufacturers to drive operational efficiency. 

The benefits of electric tugs for engine, pump and generator manufacturing

Electric tugs provide the flexibility to easily reconfigure production layouts, meet production quotas and create leaner processes. Delivering the efficient, safe movement of loads of 70,000kg and beyond, electric tugs help manufacturers streamline material handling processes.

  • Reduce downtime - icon

    Reduce downtime

    Internal transportation is a non-value-adding process. License-free electric tugs streamline the movement of loads to reduce downtime. 

  • Manoeuvrability - icon

    Maximum manoeuvrability

    Compact designs deliver unrivalled manoeuvrability, enabling the seamless movement of large loads in tight spaces.

  • Improve flexibility - icon

    Unlock greater flexibility 

    Unlike fixed production equipment, electric tugs are flexible, making scaling up or changing production layouts simple.

Our range of automotive electric tugs


PowerSteered Range

Maximise visibility when moving the heaviest loads 

The controlled movement of large, heavy loads with electric tugs – but with the added benefit of remote control operation.

Remote control operation enables operators to stand away from the load and take up the ideal vantage point, unlocking greater visibility and allowing operators to maintain a safe distance from loads.   

Trusted by global engine, pump and generator manufacturers 

Global engine, pump and generator manufacturing facilities trust MasterMover’s powerful, compact electric tugs to make the movement of wheeled loads safer and more efficient…

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The partnership of MasterMover electric tug and Cruser saw a 50% drop in the use of overhead cranes. What’s more, the need for a fork lift to bridge the gap between two cranes has been eliminated completely.

Your Questions, Answered - FAQs

What are electric tugs used to move in the manufacture of engines, pump and generators?   

Across the industry, electric tow tugs are used to move a wide variety of equipment and components such as:

  • Engines
  • Pumps
  • Generators
  • Components
  • Production equipment
  • Kitting trolleys
What types of control options are available?  

Electric tugs are available with multiple control options designed to maximise safety and efficiency. 

  • Pedestrian operated electric tugs allow a single operator to safely manoeuvre even the heaviest loads with confidence, removing manual handling and reliance on forklift trucks.  
  • Remote control operation is available to deliver maximum visibility by allowing operators to take up the ideal vantage point when moving loads, facilitating the seamless movement of loads in congested areas. 
  • Automated AGV electric tugs remove the need for an operator, automating the movement of heavy loads to maximise efficiency and resource utilisation.   
Is an operator license or training required?   

No, unlike lifting equipment such as forklift trucks and cranes, an electric tug does not require a license to operate. A license-free operation reduces downtime and maximises operational efficiency, reducing wasted time waiting for a licensed driver.    

Minimal training is required to safely operate an electric tug and we offer training packages to suit every requirement.      

How are electric tugs powered?

Electric tugs are battery powered, with interchangeable batteries or lithium options available, electric tugs can deliver 24/7 operation to keep your processes moving.

Offering zero emissions from the point of use, electric tugs are ideally suited for indoor use, replacing internal combustion engine (ICE) powered equipment such as forklifts or tow tractors.   

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