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Coffee Cream Factory Choose Custom Coupling For Flexibility

electric tug moving food hopper

A food and beverage manufacturer in Thailand has benefited from the introduction of two custom electric tugs with a bespoke sprung channel coupling - capable of handling a wide variety of loads.

The producer of coffee creamer wanted a flexible and versatile solution to safely transport heavy hoppers and totes bins with varying dimensions, without making modifications to the trolleys. The hoppers are used to hold coffee creamer and raw ingredients, often weighing in excess of 700kg when full. Multiple members of staff were having to manually move them around the factory, decreasing productivity and presenting the risk of injury. 

Working with MasterMover's local partner in Thailand, MD Industrial, our custom engineering team designed a unique solution that would enable an electric tug to connect to each variation of hopper, without needing to modify the trolleys. 

Engineers provided the customer with two MT200 machines and designed a universal coupling that connects directly and securely to any trolley in the facility. Operated via a lever on the machine tiller, an operator can securely clamp to a range of hoppers and totes across the factory - delivering a flexible and safe solution. 

Custom Solution In Action: MT200 


Where the loads were previously moved by hand – increasing the risk of slips, trips and injury – now just a single user is needed to operate a MasterTug, which does all the hard work instead. The operator can see right around the load, while also having complete control through pushes, pulls and turns through 180º.

Because no modifications have been needed to the individual trolleys, it’s a cost-effective and simple way to boost efficiency while making the life of busy employees a lot easier.

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With 25+ years of experience in designing unique solutions to complex material handling processes, our team of engineers are here to help. Whether it's a custom coupling, an entirely new machine, bespoke trolleys or something different, our team can work with you to design a solution fit to your application. 

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