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Power Tow Machines From MasterMover Make Engine Assembly Leaner

Power Tow Machines From MasterMover Make Engine Assembly Leaner

Industrial off-highway and construction vehicles need very large engines, which often weigh in excess of 4,000 KG.

As with most modern manufacturing lines, mobility and lean principles play important roles in determining how assembly takes place and, more importantly, how fast this process can be. Two leading engine plants that MasterMover has been working with presented almost identical manufacturing solutions. Multiple stage production with the engine units mounted on assembly trolleys that were manhandled between each assembly stage.

MasterMover’s solution was simple in principle, but highly powerful in operation. By employing a MasterMover Master Tug MT10-560, operators can now more easily (and with more control) move engine assembly trolleys from one stage to another with minimal effort and time. Not only does this address the health and safety issues relating to the movement of heavy loads, but it also makes the whole process more controllable and easier to manage.

MasterMover was also presented with a similar situation at a company that manufactures engines for generator sets. In this instance, although the engines weighed upwards of 15,000 KG, the principle employed in the solution was identical – a Master Tug is now being used to move the engines from one stage to the next, completely removing the need for forklift trucks on the line, as well as the requirement for trainer operators and multiple personnel to manhandle the trolleys.

In all cases, the solution is simple but the effects on manufacturing are significant. Lean manufacturing-style line automation is not just restricted to automotive plants and, as MasterMover has demonstrated on multiple occasions, it is not prohibitively expensive or difficult to install.

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