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Moving Heavy Objects Is A Problem For The Past At Bovingdon Brickworks

Moving Heavy Objects Is A Problem For The Past At Bovingdon Brickworks

MasterMover take the strain at Bovingdon Brickworks limited.

Bovingdon Brickworks is renowned for its superb range of genuine handmade and machine made Berry facing bricks. They have been producing bricks at Bovingdon works since the 1920’s. MasterMover were approached to solve a manual handling problem.

Traditionally, brick kiln cars were moved using a combination of manual labour and a conventional pulley system but now using the MP50/400 it takes one machine and one man to increase the factory’s productivity and remove any health and safety risks associated with manual handling.

Using the MP50/400 now means that one person can push several brick kiln cars which carry 420 wet bricks and weigh up to 2.25 tonnes into the drying tunnels. Thus improving the safety and increasing efficiency.

Dick Hawkes Plant Manager quoted “We found the MasterPusher to be the best we tested and we found the company to be very professional in their approach to our handling problem. The MasterPusher has solved a health and safety issue and made the job easier therefore improving production.

The MasterPusher is the most efficient way of pushing wheeled loads. There are three models available in this range, with a pushing capacity of up to 64,000kg. It is used extensively in a wide variety of industrial sectors including railways, paper manufacturing, machinery installation, automotive, commercial vehicle, assembly lines, distribution and all materials handling.

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