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Healthy addition at Eurocaps with SM100+

Healthy addition at Eurocaps with SM100+

MasterMover is helping a thriving South Wales healthcare business provide a safe and efficient means of transporting goods across its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility.

Eurocaps is a contract softgel capsule manufacturer, supplying the nutritional supplement market.

Located in Tredegar, it operates a GMP facility, licensed by the UK Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

The company has undergone significant growth in recent years, employing around 230 people at the site, which operates to lean, flexible and efficient principles.

Eurocaps has a capacity of approximately three billion softgels per year which through current site expansion is being increased to >6bn, and the team at Eurocaps needed the latest technology to deliver a safe and efficient method of handling goods, to support this volume of manufacture within the plant.

It was during a visit overseas that representatives from Eurocaps came across a potential solution, when they saw a MasterMover SM100+ electric tug moving gel tanks on site in a South Korean factory.

Back in the UK, they contacted MasterMover’s Derbyshire headquarters to find out more about the machinery and the options available to meet their needs.

The Eurocaps team opted for a MasterMover SmartMover® SM100+ for the Tredegar plant, to move gel tanks around the site. With its leveraged weight transfer system and two powerful drive motors, the electric tug can move up to 1,200 kg loads.

The MasterMover SM100+ is the perfect fit for high technology environments, offering a range of features that ensure a smooth, safe and secure operation.

The machine also includes an FEA tested steel chassis and all steel covers – providing an easy to clean and maintain solution for hygiene sensitive areas – while a rechargeable battery powers the machine smoothly, silently and sustainably, reducing environmental pollution. There is also the option to purchase it in stainless steel.

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