Wire and cable

Precision movement, maximum manoeuvrability and control over heavy equipment

Manufacturers across the world choose MasterMover’s innovative material handling solutions to help improve productivity and workforce safety when moving heavy and awkward loads. From the telecommunications to energy industries and transport to construction sectors, our pedestrian electric tugs and electric tow tugs are designed to improve control in the most demanding of production environments.

A single operator can easily move cable and steel wire reels with ease thanks to our MasterTug range, which is capable of handling weights of up to 20,000kg.

Ideal for lifting cable drums on to a trolley and towing or simply pushing the drum, it means the reliance on forklifts and expensive overhead cranes is reduced or even eliminated. Meanwhile, reels can be moved safely throughout the production process, reducing downtime and costly delays.

We’re helping global manufacturers to move:

  • Cables
  • Wires
  • Drums
  • Reels

    If you would like to speak to one of our manufacturing material handling specialists, call MasterMover on call +44 +91 9970157750 or alternatively submit your enquiry below:

  • Benefits of using MasterMover when moving cables and wire reels

    • Allows single pedestrian operators to move heavy and awkward cables and wire reels
    • Improves safety for employees
    • Precision movement of high-value loads using less man power
    • Increases manufacturing efficiency

    Wire and cable

    We provide safe and efficient material handling solutions for cables and wire reels