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Lean, mean, tugging machines

Lean, mean, tugging machines

Electric tug specialist MasterMover has extended its MasterTug series, a range of motorised industrial tugs for the construction, manufacturing and heavy goods handling sectors. The revamped range, which now includes the MT30/2000+ PAS tow tug, allows businesses to boost productivity and efficiency by allowing individual members of staff to transport larger parts and products from the production line without specialist training.

The refreshed MasterTug series consists of nine pedestrian electric tugs that allow warehouse staff to handle loads ranging from 2,000–30,000kg on castors, or up to 120,000kg on rails, depending on model. This means that businesses can select the right specification for their applications to keep costs down.

The newest addition to the range is the MT30/2000+ PAS, a powerful pedestrian tow tug with power steering. The MT30/2000+ is designed to move heavier items — up to 30,000kg on castors and 120,000kg on rail — and is the only model in the range to include power assisted steering. This allows a single operative to move large items with ease.

“Businesses are always looking to find ways to improve operational efficiency with low capital expenditure,” explained Andy Owen, managing director of MasterMover. “This has traditionally posed a challenge as many plant managers see the main options as either investing in an automated production line, which is costly, or a fixed rail system that restricts movement.

“The MasterTug series allows factory-floor workers to move loads effectively and efficiently through plants, regardless of the size or weight. Operators can even join multiple loads together and manoeuvre them simultaneously to make the manufacturing and handling processes lean. This in turn boosts company output and productivity.

“With the launch of the MT30/2000+ PAS, manufacturers of bulkier products are also able to benefit from this improved efficiency. Floor staff in the aerospace manufacturing sector, for example, will be able to freely manoeuvre finished aircraft engines with ease.”

MasterTug products are used in a wide variety of sectors. Smaller capacity models such as the MT200, which can manage loads of up to 2000kg, are ideal for operators in retail, warehousing and pharmaceutical sectors. More powerful products, such as the MT30/2000+ PAS, are available for sectors such as aerospace manufacturing and boat engineering.

Every model in the MasterTug range is housed in a robust steel chassis and uses an AC motor to ensure that it provides high power even at low speeds. The range is also equipped with several safety features, such as an emergency stop, an anti-crush button and an automatic cut off if the tiller arm is in a vertical position.

MasterMover is based in Derbyshire, UK but supplies to businesses worldwide. Plant and warehouse managers interested in MasterTug products can contact the sales team on 01335 301 030 or enquire on the company website,

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