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Custom solutions for turnkey systems or small modifications

Whether it’s a custom coupling to connect to your load, modifying our electric tugs to work in a challenging environment, or designing an entirely new solution for your application, our Customer Engineering team can help.

We have a rich track record of delivering custom solutions, and in fact many of our product portfolio started as custom projects! 

Innovation & engineering is what we do 

As pioneers of innovative material handling equipment, we’re no strangers to unique applications and requirements.

If you need a custom solution, you’re in safe hands with MasterMover.  

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    In-house Customer Engineering team

    From consultancy right through to manufacture, our in-house Custom Engineering team work with you to understand your requirements and create a solution that delivers every time.

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    Here to help

    Material handling equipment and moving heavy loads is what we do. Our team conceptualises and proposes ideas around your applications, enabling you to weigh your options and benefit from industry-leading advice.  

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    Robust processes

    Unique requirements and custom solutions need to be thought through. With a robust 4-step process in place, we work with you every step of the way, ensuring your needs are understood and met. 

Our custom engineering process 

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We’ll understand your application and requirements. We’re solution providers by nature, so our engineers will look to understand your aims and weigh up different options.

After understanding your objectives, we’ll gather technical information on your requirements and conceptualise a solution.  

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At this stage, our engineers dig into the design to take the concept and transform it into a detailed design to your specification.

If there is additional information required at this point, we’ll liaise with you to make sure any design is accurate and fit your requirements.  


Build & testing

Taking a design and making it come to life. Our engineers will build the custom solution and rigorously test and quality assess it, making sure it meets the specification laid out. 

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The final stage of the process is integrating the solution into your process, whether it’s a custom coupling or a turnkey solution using a custom machine.  

Design services 

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Movement study

We can undertake a movement study to understand the space required to move your load using an electric tug.

Whether it’s mapping out tight corners or corridor space, our engineers will use the dimensions of your environment and load to provide accurate information.  

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Turning confirmation

Often complementing a movement study, our turning confirmations map out the turning radius of a load and machine.

For example, how certain wheel configurations influence the positioning of loads. 

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Slope calculation

If you’re moving a load on a slope, we’ll always use the maximum gradient, environmental conditions and load weight to calculate the force needed to move, stop and restart a movement on a slope, ensuring any machine specified is powerful enough.  

Your Questions, Answered

What level of customisation is available?

Our Custom Engineering offering covers a wide range, whether you require a custom coupling to connect to a number of trolleys, a custom IP-rated machine to withstand a particularly wet environment or the creation and design of an entirely bespoke machine – we’re here to help. 

What is the process of specifying an electric tug or a custom requirement?

We follow a tried-and-tested approach to specifying an electric tug for your application where we collect information on the maximum load weight, environment and route you need your electric tug to work on.

From there, our engineers will calculate the most suitable electric tug solution for your needs and identify if any custom modifications are required.

Why do you need so much information about my application?

We gather a lot of information about your application, but why? Specifying an electric tug that is fit for purpose and will deliver tangible safety and efficiency benefits right out of the box is critical to us – especially when that solution is non-standard.

An array of factors influence the specification, performance and price of an electric tug and we need to understand them to ensure any solution is right for your application.

Collecting this information and conducting a full assessment ensures any custom design is fit-for-purpose and maximises performance.  

Can you design new machines or systems?

Yes, we can. We have a proven track record of creating entirely new custom solutions for our customers. This can often include designing and manufacturing:

  • New machines with increased capacity or custom connection systems.
  • Bespoke trolleys, platforms and handling systems  
  • Machines rated to unique environments/conditions such as ATEX/IECEx 
How are Custom Solutions project managed?

We use a staged project management approach to guarantee the successful design and installation of custom solutions. Key stages begin and end with customer reviews and sign-off to ensure continued focus on delivering on time, on budget and as specified. 

We're here to help 

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