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Up to 70,000kg

Durable electric tug solutions for hazardous environments.

ATEX/IECEx - Nuclear environments
MasterTug MT400+ ATEX electric tug

For safer load moving in potentially hazardous environments, our electric tugs can be converted to operate in zones 1 and 2 (gaseous explosive environments) and zones 21 and 22 (powder or dust explosive environments) to meet ATEX and IECEx standards.

Working with best-in-class explosion-proofing providers, MasterMover ATEX electric tow tugs can safely work in hazardous environments, allowing you to maximise workplace safety and efficiency.

ATEX Electric Tugs Key Features

With the full range of MasterMover electric tugs available to meet ATEX and IECEx standards, machines are packed with features that maximise operator safety when moving heavy loads in hazardous environments.

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  • Audible horn, flashing light beacon, and emergency stop
  • Multiple speed settings for complete control
  • Anti-crush system 
Performance - icon


  • Powerful movement of loads weighing up to 70,000kg
  • Consistent performance inside, outside and on slopes
  • Converted to ATEX/IECEx standards by best-in-class providers
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  • Emissions-free operation
  • High-performance, maintenance-free batteries
  • Battery discharge indicator for real-time battery status 
Secure coupling - icon


  • Utilises secure coupling systems
  • Maximises load security
  • Simple and safe connection

Explore the SmartMover Range

Featuring a license-free operation, the SmartMover range removes manual handling – empowering staff to focus on more productive tasks – with a number of models available.

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    Custom solution available, contact us here.

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    Safety & machine options

    With a powerful, compact design, the ATEX range can safely move loads of up to 70,000kg.

    Take advantage of a number of features and options...

    Custom coupling - icon

    Custom couplings

    Need something different? We can design custom couplings to suit your application.

    ATEX/IECEx two speed selector switch

    Two speed selector switch

    Adjustable speed settings at your fingertips.

    ATEX/IECEx flashing light and bleeper

    Safety light beeper

    Maximise safety when moving loads through congested areas.

    ATEX/IECEx emergency stop

    Emergency stop

    Allows you to immediately stop the machine.

    ATEX/IECEx anti-crush button

    Anti-crush button

    Protect operators and maximise operator safety when moving loads.

    ATEX/IECEx warning horn

    Warning horn

    Perfect for congested areas, alert pedestrians when moving loads.

    We’ve never had any issues when using the tugs and they are performing exactly as we want them to.

    Benefits of the ATEX range

    Our electric tugs maximise workplace safety and drive efficiency through controlled, precise movement of sensitive loads and equipment. 

    Weight capacity - icon

    Safe movement of loads weighing up to 70,000kg

    Licence free operation - icon

    License-free operation

    Zero emissions - icon

    Zero emissions

    Compact - icon

    Compact machines for tight spaces

    Secure load movement - icon

    Secure movement of loads

    Hazardous environments - icon

    Suitable for use in hazardous environments

    Secure coupling - icon

    Easy and secure couplings

    Manoeuvrability - icon

    Unrivalled manoeuvrability

    Your Questions, Answered – FAQs

    What levels of protection are available?

    Most of our electric tow tugs are available to meet ATEX or IECEx standards. Machines are available to work in gaseous explosive environments covering zones 1 and 2 and powder and dust environments, including zones 21 and 22. 

    What industries do you provide ATEX electric tugs into?

    Our electric tugs are used in potentially explosive environments across a diverse range of industries. They’re relied on in offshore oil and gas processing, biopharmaceutical cleanrooms, chemical manufacturing and defence industries to deliver the controlled movement of loads in highly controlled environments.

    What process do you follow to convert electric tugs to ATEX standards?

    All of our electric tugs are designed and built to the highest standards in the UK.

    For applications requiring an ATEX rated electric tug, your electric tug will be manufactured at our facility.

    From there, our best-in-class conversion partners will convert the machine to the required environmental specification.

    Is a license required to operate an electric tug?

    No, all of our electric tugs are completely license-free, maximising productivity and efficiency. 

    What is the maximum speed of ATEX electric tugs?

    With the Two Speed Selector switch, ‘Tortoise’ mode enables you to maximise control and operate the machine at a slower speed setting of 1.2kph. In the faster ‘Hare’ setting, the machine’s speed is 3kph.

    Machines can be set with custom speed settings where required, with a maximum programmable speed of 6kph. 

    How far can the ATEX range travel on one charge?

    Battery performance varies from model to model and is influenced by load weight, battery capacity, environmental conditions and usage.

    Individual battery performance data can be found on the Technical Specification Sheets for each model.

    How do ATEX electric tugs connect?

    A range of coupling options are available across the range that maximise performance, security and safety.

    Custom coupling solutions can also be designed for unique applications. 

    Sectors we work in

    Ready to Unlock Safer Operations?

    Are you looking to improve safety and efficiency in your operations? Contact us to discover how you could transform your processes to enhance efficiency and maximise workplace safety with an electric tug or electric tow tug. 

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