Move cages and equipment safely and easily, reduce manual handling

In busy healthcare settings, moving wheeled loads as safely and efficiently as possible while minimising risk to staff and patients can be difficult. That’s why healthcare managers trust MasterMover’s electric tugs and pushers to move roll cages, linen cages, medical equipment and more.

Our solutions are trusted by healthcare professionals to make a real difference in the running of time-pressured hospitals and care homes looking to save time and cost. In addition to our standard machines, our stainless-steel range of electric tugs is ideal for moving wheeled loads in sterile environments.

We’re helping clients in the healthcare sector to move:

  • Roll cages
  • Linen trolleys
  • Waste bins
  • Medical equipment
  • Sterilisation units
  • HSDU trolleys
  • Baxter fluids
  • Clinical waste
  • Gas bottles
  • Regeneration trolleys
  • Mortuary trolleys

If you would like to speak to a member of our dedicated healthcare team about your wheeled load moving needs, submit your enquiry.

Benefits For The Healthcare Industry

  • Dramatic reduction in manual handling
  • Move multiple cages
  • Health and Safety compliance
  • Boost staff morale
  • Improve efficiency
  • Single source for pedestrian handling equipment


Wheeled load moving solutions for the healthcare sector