MovingStories MasterMover Global News Autumn 2018

MovingStories MasterMover Global News Autumn 2018

A warm welcome to our new quarterly edition of Moving Stories, where we share with you the industry benefits from a variety of our materials handling solutions used around the globe.

Featuring news in:

• Manufacturing & Assembly- Four MT600+ electric tugs are on a roll with roller-coaster manufacturer in Slovakia

• Pharmaceutical- An SM100+ makes a health addition at a healthcare business

• Facilities- Electric tugs takes centre stage to support Audience Systems behind the scenes

• Aerospace- Safe delivery for defence industry supply project

• Food & Beverage- Safe, efficient partnership solution for French food project

• Automotive- High performance in the German automotive sector

• Oil and Gas- Two MT2000+ electric tugs are providing a safe and efficient way for moving 20,000 kg in the Oil and Gas industry

• Healthcare- SM100+ is sheets ahead at UK Midlands hospital

• Airports- ATP400 taking the push at Cork airport