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Bespoke handling solution delivering safety benefits for Pharmaceutical

Bespoke handling solution delivering safety benefits for Pharmaceutical

A custom MasterMover electric tug is delivering pinpoint accuracy and assured smooth traction to ensure fragile loads are moved with confidence across a pharmaceutical facility, which develops flu vaccines using an egg-based manufacturing process.

MasterMover’s MH400+ has been developed in stainless steel to ensure compliance with clean room standards at the site, which injects flu virus into eggs before they are moved for incubation.

Previously, the egg carts were manually handled, but the company wanted to adopt a more modern approach to adhere to health and safety advances, ultimately reducing the risk of musculo skeletal disorders, as well as finger, hand and foot trapping.

MasterMover’s design team were drafted in to design a custom coupling to fit their trollies and to also modify the electric tug’s legs to meet their specific dimensions.

The specialist coupling system ensures a secure connection to the side of the trolley whilst lifting two of the castors in order for the tug to fully control its direction – and the design features one leg instead of the standard issue two, to meet the size of the trollies at the pharmaceutical plant.

Hugh Freer, President of MasterMover Inc, said: “We’ve created a machine that is absolutely designed to the client’s specific requirements.

“We needed to be able to ensure the integrity of the eggs was maintained during the movement and ensure no excessive force was being placed on the load, so a good deal of testing and development centred around that.

“The end result is a safer and more efficient process, which is delivering significant benefits at the facility.”

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