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Precision and control- even when moving weights of 20 tonnes

Precision and control- even when moving weights of 20 tonnes

Improved safety and control were the key drivers behind a Czech Republic tooling company’s selection of two MasterMover electric tugs.

Schneeberger manufacture a specialist range of tooling for customers across a broad range of sectors, from construction to solar power.

They’ve now chosen two MasterMover MT2000+ electric tugs to move large and heavy die tool mouldings weighing up to 20,000 kg throughout the production area, across various locations on site.

Previously the moulding, on a trolley, was pulled by a forklift and the MT2000+’s were introduced to replace this method. Using a forklift was often difficult for employees due to the challenges of manoeuvring through tight spaces and a lack of visibility.

MasterMover’s Czech Republic dealer, SELS, supported the installation with two heavy duty trolleys, each capable of moving 20,000 kg.

These enable greater mobility in moving the tooling across the site and provide a stronger option than the pallets used before.

The MT2000+s make a two-tug movement, allowing complete control of load and precision movement for tight and compact spaces.

This enables the users to push, pull and steer wheeled loads both indoors and outdoors, allowing full control throughout the production areas, going around corners, down tight corridors, and through narrow doorways.

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