1,200 kg



安全可靠液力偶合器创建电动拖船和连接负载之间的牢不可破的联系,这给全面和平的头脑和完全控制。该SM100 +甚至可以在斜坡和不平的地面以减少手工操作,需要额外的好处操作。

该SmartMoverSM100 +紧凑型电动拖船可以完全定制,并内置在其最好在你的工作环境来执行,各种接头,额外的安全功能和可用的计算机选项。

要查看SM100 +如何能够帮助您提高安全性和效率,预约免费上门演示


  • 推拉任何负载安全达1200千克
  • 可互换电池为24/7操作
  • 安全可靠的液力偶合器
  • 节流阀释放自动制动系统
  • 防滑和防刺穿轮胎
  • 没有许可证要求,操作简单

Technical Information

Product code SM100+
Max load 1200 kg
Drive motor power 2 x 0.22kW
Operating temperature range -10 to 40°C
Operates in wet environment Yes
Can operate on slopes Yes
Speed range 1.2 to 6 km/h
Height 1049 mm
Width 412 mm
Depth 972 mm
Total weight 80 kg
Drive wheel type Non Marking Rubber
Chassis and body Mild steel, powdercoated
Stainless available Yes
Battery type Sealed
Capacity 22 Ah
Voltage 24v
Interchangeable battery Yes
How long does the battery last?* 7.7 km
External charger input voltage 85 to 265v
Charging time** 4h 30m
Angled coupling
Straight coupling
XrissXcross roll cage connection straps
Roll cage pivot link bar
Bespoke couplings available
Flashing safety light and motion bleeper
Two speed selector switch
Interchangeable batteries
Lithium battery
Anti-crush button
Automatic braking system when operator releases the throttle
Anti-slip and puncture-proof tyres
Warning horn