15,000 kg

在设计上,MT1500+只需一名步行操作者,就可推拉和转向移动最高15,000 kg的轮式荷载。作为MasterTug系列的产品,MT1500+采用安全的免维护电池,并且可以升级成可互换电池,显示屏可显示剩余电量。本产品的钢质底座经过FEA测试,可以确保底座无弱点,并且可以180度机动。


  • 电池监控系统
  • 经FEA测试的钢质底架
  • 双保险桅杆
  • 交流驱动电机
  • 自调节脚轮防护罩
  • 液压重量转移

Technical Information

Product code
Max load 15000 kg
Drive motor power 2000 W
Operating temperature range -10 to 40°C
Operates in wet environment
Can be used on slopes Yes
Speed range 1.2 to 3 km/h
Height 1170 mm
Width 762 mm
Depth 1410 mm
Total weight 532kg
Drive wheel type Polyurethane
Battery type Sealed
Capacity 179 Ah
Voltage 24v
How long does the battery last?* 6 km
External charger input voltage 85 to 265v
Charging time** 6h 00m
Internal charger input voltage 85 to 265v
Charging time** 9h 00m
Coupling - male - height adjustable combi - large
Coupling - male - height adjustable box - large
Coupling - female - combi - large
Coupling - female - box - large
Coupling - channel coupling body
Bespoke couplings available
Option - flashing safety light and motion bleeper
Option - two speed selector switch
Option - wireless control handset
Option - combi lock
Option - quick release coupling pins
Option - battery protection system
Option - Lithium battery
Option - ATEX
Self-adjusting castor guard for foot protection
Automatic cut off as tiller arm returns to vertical
Anti-crush button
Emergency stop button
Warning horn