Power Steered PS800+


The PS800+ delivers effortless movement of loads weighing up to 8,000kg. With wireless remote control, the operator can make precision movements from a position that maximises safety and load visibility.

Multi-Link technology enables multiple PS800+ electric tugs to work as a team.

Safety: The PS800+ power-steered electric tug safety features include four emergency stop buttons, audible horn, flashing beacon with audible alarm, wireless transmitter with a safety shut-off if the signal is lost or interrupted, a caster guard preventing entrapment, and a hydraulic coupling that provides maximum load security.

Performance: Highly manoeuvrable, the fully wireless operation allows for effortless movement of loads, offering greater visibility to the operator. The patent-protected design ensures a compact design, capable of moving loads up to 8,000kg.

Quality: With a powerful motor, heavy-duty chassis, and non-marking polyurethane tyres, the PS800+ is built to produce consistent performance and longevity. Hydraulic coupling delivers outstanding load security.

Power: High-performance, maintenance-free interchangeable batteries allow for 24/7 machine operation with a Battery Display Information giving the operator a clear power status. An optional Battery Protection System slows down the machine prior to full battery drain.

Connection: Using self-levelling hydraulics, the combi-coupling provides a highly secure connection to the load. As standard, the PS800+ Multi-Link option comes with a smart coupling, offering additional programmable features. An optional adapter plate is available to convert female combi couplings to smart capability.

주요 특징들

  • Move loads safely and efficiently on castors up to 8,000 kg
  • Hydraulic coupling securely connects to the load, whilst maintaining traction
  • Strong steel tubular chassis, built for indoor and outdoor operation
  • Wireless operation for better visibility
  • Heavy-duty, high-performance interchangeable batteries for 24/7 operation
  • A range of features to keep operators safe and efficient
  • Multi-Link capable, allowing multiple PS800+ machines to work together

Product code PS800+
Max load 8,000kg
Drive motor power 2.5kW
Operating temperature range -10 to 40°C
Operates in wet environment Yes
Can operate on slopes Yes
Speed range 2 - 6 km/h
Height 823mm
Width 890mm
Depth 1315mm
Total weight 721kg
Drive wheel type Polyurethane
Chassis and body Powder coat paint & zinc plated
Battery type Sealed
Capacity 204Ah
Voltage 24V
Interchangeable battery Yes
How long does the battery last? 11.7km
External charger input voltage 30A
Charging time 8h
Coupling - Male - Combi - Large
Coupling - Male - Combi - Large - Smart
Coupling - Female - Combi - Large
Coupling - Female - Combi - Large - Smart
Battery protection system
Emegency stop button
Status light
Flashing safety light and motion bleeper
Full wireless control
Warning horn
Self adjusting castor guard
Self levelling hydraulics