1,000 kg

The LM100 (LogisticsMover) is specifically designed to move cages and trolleys where space, people and merchandise work closely together. Operators pushing and pulling loads in busy, fast and congested locations need smart machines to deliver safety and efficiency.

Safety: The LM100 compact electric tug safety features include anti-crush button, auto-stop on slopes and a secure coupling system for effective connection to the load.

Performance: The patented design uses two high-powered motors, providing equal power to each wheel, giving the LM100 outstanding performance. The 180° steering angle enables the LM100 to operate in small and confined spaces, like lifts and trailers.

Quality: With its heavy-duty battery, puncture-proof non-marking tyres and tubular steel chassis, the LM100 is built to last. Designed to withstand the toughest jobs, and packed with engineered innovation, the LM100 is a perfect solution for handling merchandise, stock and other items.

Power: Benefit from 24/7 machine operation using high-performance, maintenance- free interchangeable batteries. The Battery Display meter gives the operator a clear power status during use. The fast charging unit automatically switches off on full-charge to the battery, maximising battery service life.

Connection: The versatile coupling provides the operator with a safe, quick and effective connection to cages and trolleys. The standard multi-purpose coupling system can be adjusted to fit different loads or a bespoke connection can be supplied.

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  • Move loads safely and efficiently up to 1,000 kg
  • Able to work on slopes of up to 30 degree gradeability
  • Strong steel chassis and high engineering standards met
  • Heavy duty battery and puncture proof wheels
  • High performance interchangeable batteries for 24/7 operation
  • Accessible lever point makes machines easy to connect and to loads