ATEX MasterTug Range

20,000 kg

MasterMover is able to modify all existing MasterMover electric tugs or design new tugs, to operate in zones 1 & 2 (gaseous explosive environments) and zones 21 & 22 (powder or dust explosive environments) to meet ATEX and IECEx standards.

The EX conversion process removes the risk of arcing and sparking from the motors, brakes, electrics and other components of the electric tug and removes the risk of temperature induced auto-ignition of flammable solvents and dust particles within the operating environment.


  • ATEX Zone 1 or Zone2
  • 电池监控系统
  • 经FEA测试的钢质底架
  • 双保险桅杆
  • 自调节脚轮防护罩
  • 液压重量转移

Charger - external - 30A 24V - 110V-240V MT Range
耦合器 - 凹式 - 箱形
机器重量(包括电池) 214 kg up to 625 kg
选项​​ - 安全频闪灯和移动传呼机
Coupling - male - height adjustable combi
驱动类型 交流驱动电机
停车制动 Electric AC
Drive wheel type Polyurethane
Controller type 2 kW
耦合器 - 凸式 - 高度可调组合
耦合器 - 凸式 - 高度可调箱形
耦合器 - 凹式 - 组合
耦合器 - 凹式 - 箱形
选项​​ - 安全频闪灯和移动传呼机
选项​​ - 两种速度选择开关