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Improving safety and efficiency in automotive manufacturing

MasterMover is helping to keep production running smoothly for some of the world’s leading automotive vehicle manufacturers. Our compact and powerful range of electric tuggers provide the capability to move a wide range of parts and components, creating more efficient assembly lines and safer working environments.

From our SmartMover range, capable of moving loads of up to 2,600 lbs to our MasterTow, MasterTugs and Autonomous Guided Vehicles (AGV) range, which can handle large and heavy items such as body panels, chassis and engines up to 44,000 lbs our easy-to-use solutions eliminate manual handling and the need for forklift trucks, providing greater operator control and safety, with less cost.

Trusted by the world’s biggest automotive names:

Key benefits for the automotive industry

  • Improved safety by eliminating forklifts and manual handling.
  • Considerably lower cost than forklifts and ride on tugs.
  • The versatility to move loads from 440 lbs to 44,000 lbs
  • Compact and maneuverable in confined spaces.
  • Easy to use and no license needed.

Our automotive range of electric tuggers & tows


Load Weight Moves up to 2,600 lbs

MasterMover SmartMover - SM100

The SmartMover is a versatile machine range for moving loads from 440 lbs up to 2,600 lbs. It can be safely and securely connected to loads with a draw bar or hydraulic coupling system. Constructed from high quality steel and featuring an interchangeable battery, the SmartMover is perfectly suited to working in tough manufacturing environments, 24/7.


Load Weight Moves up to 26,500 lbs

MasterMover’s MasterTow and autonomous AGV TOW range of machines provide powerful solutions for moving loads up to 26,500 lbs. A single operator can safely and securely connect to any load in seconds with a draw bar, towing eye, or ball hitch.

Built with a strong steel chassis and outer panels, they can be used inside or outside, on slopes and uneven surfaces.


Load Weight Moves up to 44,000 lbs

Our MasterTug range is designed for moving heavy or large wheeled loads from 4,400 lbs up to 44,000 lbs. An automatic braking system, variable speed controls and compact size means this machine is ideal for moving loads in areas with restricted space, perfect for any automotive manufacturer.

Significantly enhances flexibility and safety

Lesley Lane
Regional Sales Manager (UK)

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Service & support, where you need it

MasterMover is the world’s leading manufacturer of electric tuggers with great expertise in your sector. That gives us the knowledge and you the reassurance to help you choose the right product for your needs.

Because your MasterMover forms an important part of your operation, we’re here for you beyond the initial sale with the aftersales service and support you need. We can provide front line technical support and parts distribution, as well as work with your local lift truck company for more complex repairs and servicing.

We’ll keep you moving.

Your questions, answered

How does an electric tugger help increase efficiency?

Where traditional manual handling methods require 2 or 3 people to move heavy loads, our electric tuggers and tows are single person operated; man power is reduced to one person, freeing up resources.

How can electric tuggers protect your people, plant and product?

In a word, ‘control’. A tugger provides people with the ability to precisely control the movement of your load.

All of the effort involved with manhandling components or sub-assemblies into position is removed. With little more than fingertip effort, loads can be moved around and stopped exactly where they need to be.

With this level of control over load movement, people and plant can be protected and the risk of damage to parts or injury to operators is drastically reduced.

Is it possible to operate an electric tugger in confined spaces?

Yes – all of our electric tuggers and tows can push, pull, maneuver and brake a wide range of automotive components and production equipment.

The flexible steering on our machines enables them to rotate loads on their corner axis. This unparalleled range of movement means that our tuggers can move loads in even the tightest of operating environments.

What materials are used in the construction?

All of our electric tuggers are ‘built tough’ from high quality steel, zinc passivated and powder coated.

By avoiding the use of fragile plastic for the outer panels, the risk of damage to the machine is minimized. This means increased reliability and long service life for you.

I think I need something different; can you help?

Yes – we’re an engineering company with over 25 years’ experience.

If we can’t solve your moving and handling problem with our standard range then we can explore creating a custom solution just for you.