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Pedestrian Tug Tractor Installed At Boots' Manchester Airport Store

MasterMover flies in to ensure Boot loads of safe deliveries for airport store

MasterMover flies in to ensure Boot loads of safe deliveries for airport store
Compact, electric tug manufacturer, MasterMover® of Ashbourne, has delivered one of their productive, easy to use MasterTugs to a Boots Outlet at Manchester Airport’s Terminal 2.

With the store located away from the goods delivery area across the terminal concourse, the MasterTug MT5/240 is being used by a single operator to move up to 6 loaded roll cages and dollies full of product, weighing up to 1800kgs, to the store. A load of this size when handled manually can expose the operator to risks of manual handling injuries from the efforts of pushing and pulling. The Master Tug eliminates the risk by transferring the weight of the load on to its drive wheel through its innovative coupling system. This creates an impressive traction to power ratio ensuring the load is easy to move for the operator.

Features such as customer controlled speed settings; electro magnetic braking and 360º manoeuvrability enable the unit to work safely in environments where members of the public may be at large. The MasterTug can negotiate obstructions easily and gives the operator a clear, unobstructed view of potential hazards.

The MasterTug has 12 models in its range and is capable of pulling and pushing any wheeled or semi-wheeled loads from 50kg up to 30,000kg.

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