MasterMover electric tug makes safety improvement at paper manufacturer

MasterMover’s most powerful electric tug makes light work of 23 tonnes for the paper industry

A remote operated MasterMover PS3000+ is making light work of moving 23,000 kg roll trailers at a hygiene products manufacturing plant in the UK, creating a safer handling environment for staff.

Before the electric tug was introduced, a flatbed trailer with a dual axis – carrying a load of up to 23,000 kg - was moved by a fork-lift truck at one end. That method meant that an operator needed to assist with the steering, putting them in proximity to the loaded trailer and creating an unsafe operator environment.

MasterMover specified a PS3000+ electric tug for the site that allows the operator to be in full control of the load, be at a safe distance and be able to see the surrounding environment to check for people or obstacles that could cause an accident.

The PS3000+ is the most powerful pedestrian electric tug offered by MasterMover. Capable of moving loads on castors up to 30,000 kg, it allows a single operator to take control with a wireless transmitter to push, pull and manoeuvre loads – all aided by power steering.

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Published : 08/07/2019

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