Commercial Vehicle Chassis Moved Through Production By 1 Man Replacing Marathon Task

The commercial vehicle industry faces many of the same pressures as those faced by the automotive industry, but it also has another major factor to contend with... the sheer size and weight of the vehicle components, especially chassis and body panels.

One leading commercial vehicle manufacturer that fabricates specialist vehicles, such as fire engines and refuse trucks, was facing these very same issues, especially when it came to the transportation of a chassis from an outside holding area into the production environment. To move the chassis that had been fabricated at another site, operators first had to use a forklift truck to lift them onto external-use trestles (older units used specifically to cope with rough ground in the delivery yard) and then manhandle them – using up to 11 people – into the production area. The chassis were then craned off and placed onto internal-use trestles ready for production to commence. The whole process typically took an hour or so to complete.

MasterMover’s solution to this logistical mechanical handling issue was to design a new style of trestle that worked in harmony with its Master Tug MT20-1200 both inside and outside the factory. Operators still use a forklift truck to place the chassis onto a trestle, but now it is a one-person task to bring it inside and put onto the production line.

As well as all the inherent physical benefits a Master Tug brings to the company's operations, there are also massive savings in terms of time and manpower. When one considers that it used to take up to 11 people an hour to do the move and it now just takes one person 10-15 minutes, these manpower savings very quickly stack up.

Health and safety has also seen vast improvements due to far less operator fatigue and the removal of the internal crane operation – along with all the potential risks of large loads at height.

Commercial Vehicle Chassis - MasterMover
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