Trailer Moving System TMS2000+ | Semi Trailer Mover

Moves loads up to 44,000lb

Articulated Trailer Mover | MasterMover Trailer Moving System TMS2000+

The Trailer Moving System TMS2000+ allows a single pedestrian operator to move unladen articulated semi-trailers weighing up to 44,000 lb. Using a clever hydraulic weight transfer system, the TMS2000+ connects to the fifth wheel pin and lifts the front of the trailer off its stands. Controlled start acceleration and an AC drive motor then mobilise the load and automatic braking brings tug and trailer to a stop if the controls are released.

  • Battery monitoring system
  • FEA tested steel chassis
  • 44,000 lb trailer capacity
  • Hydraulic king pin lift
  • Automatic braking system
  • Hydraulic weight transfer
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