Exceptional power, achieve control over heavy loads, improve safety and efficiency

Manufacturers of paper products need flexible, efficient and safe material handling solutions when moving loads that can be heavy and awkward. When staff have to physically move large reels and rolls by hand, operations can slow down to a standstill – not to mention exposing employees to the risk of injury. Meanwhile, other load moving solutions may not be practical in crowded and congested production environments.

For paper producers looking to reduce wasted time and improve safety for staff, MasterMover’s range of electric tugs provide exceptional power when moving heavy wheeled loads.

A single pedestrian operator can easily move weights from 50 kg up to 30,000 kg – and beyond. For a complete, all-round solution, we can also design and make bespoke trolleys, couplings and trailers if needed.

We’re helping manufacturers to move:

  • Paper rolls
  • Cardboard
  • Trolleys
  • Large reels

To speak to one of our material handling specialists, call us on +44 (0)1335 301030 or submit your enquiry.

Benefits For The Paper Producing Sector

  • Dramatically reduce manual handling
  • Safely move loads through congested production environments
  • Reduce downtime by enabling any trained operator to move a load
  • Smaller footprint machines enable better use of production area
  • Increase control over heavy and awkward loads using less man power


Powerful electric tugs and electric pushers for manufacturers of paper products