SmartMover saves time in “demanding conditions” for car safety manufacturer

An automotive industry supplier in Germany is benefitting from cutting down the time it spends on carrying out testing with support from MasterMover.

The company, which provides products including seat belts, air bags and safety protection systems for the world’s largest car manufacturers was looking for ways to increase their efficiency during the process of product testing.

Under demanding conditions, heavy power sleds are used during safety tests, powered by an air compressor which sends the machinery on a track at a high speed to replicate the conditions of a car crash.

Previously, after completing the test process, staff were having to manually push the sled up the track to the starting point, costing valuable time in between tests.

MasterMover’s solution was to attach a coupling adaptor to the power sled and, using a standard SmartMover SM100+, move it back to the starting position, speeding up the process and also reducing the need for more than one operator to complete the task.

The electric tug also made the process of moving the power sled safer for workers by removing the risks associated with manual handling.

Mischa Wart, Technical Sales Manager for MasterMover GmbH, said “The manufacturer came to us looking for an alternative solution as the power sleds could not be moved by a forklift or crane.

“Together we worked to create a solution that delivered safety and efficiency benefits on site.

“The SM100+ electric tug is a great machine, which is highly versatile and the ideal choice in environments where space is restricted.”

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Opublikowany : 08/07/2019

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