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Material Handling Equipment From MasterMover Is The Perfect Choice For Vesuvius To Move Heavy Kiln Carts

MasterMover makes job easier and safer for Vesuvius.

Vesuvius is a worldwide leader in developing, manufacturing and marketing high performance specialty ceramics, refractory products and control systems for demanding industrial applications.

MasterMover were approached to look at an application regarding moving kiln carts in confined areas. The MP50/400 Master Pusher solved the problem.

Richard Tones, Production Manager based at Vesuvius UK Ltd in Goole quoted

"The MasterPusher was particularly suited to the job. It is very manageable, small and suited the job perfectly. It makes the job a lot easier and safer, solving Health & Safety issues. The MasterPusher is a good well designed product and we are very pleased with it".

The MasterPusher has since been superseded by the All Terrain Pusher. If you would like to arrange a free demonstration contact MasterMover today.

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Published : 01/03/2011

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