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Heavy Tooling Mover | MasterTug Used To Move Extrusion Dies At Automotive Parts Supplier

A leading automotive parts supplier has used a MasterMover tug system to dramatically reduce the time taken to move extrusion dies.

Before buying the MasterMover system, tooling weighing up to 20,000 kg was moved between manufacturing bays by loading a tool onto a flat bed lorry which was then driven around the plant to the next bay where it could be picked up by the overhead crane in that area. The process suffered frequent delays due to the driver or truck being unavailable at the times tooling needed to be transferred.

The solution lay in a simple tug and trolley system which could collect a tool from a production cell and transfer the tool anywhere in the plant within minutes. Downtime was kept to an absolute minimum as any trained staff member could use the tug which doesn't require a license to operate. Furthermore, the tug system won plaudits from the safety team as it not only kept overhead crane use to a minimum but could also be used to move a wide range of other loads on the production floor. This enabled fork lift movements to be reduced which has clear safety benefits for all concerned.

MasterMover have over 15 years experience providing heavyweight tool moving solutions into blue chip companies around the globe.

Heavy Tooling Mover - MasterMover
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