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MasterMover Keeps The Wheels Turning For Automotive Supply Chain

MasterMover Keeps The Wheels Turning For Automotive Supply Chain

When space is tight and production needs to keep moving, an electric tug is the obvious solution.

For a major automotive supplier in the United Kingdom, transferring a trolley laden with transmission cases from a storage bay to the assembly line was proving a challenge for busy workers.

The trolley, which weighs around 1,000 kg when full, also needed to complete a 180 degree turn.

Previously, the physical push and pull of the transmission cases (which are used in the manufacture of gearboxes) was undertaken by two workers.

Now, a SmartMover SM100+ is used to move the trolley and cases, creating a process that is quicker, smoother and more efficient. What’s more, only one employee is needed to complete the movement, securely attaching to the load effortlessly and easily at the click of a button – all thanks to the SmartMover’s hydraulic coupling feature.

MasterMover’s electric tugs are used to keep the automotive supply chain running smoothly in factories around the world.

Compact yet powerful, electric tugs offer the capability to move a wide range of parts and components, allowing suppliers to meet the demands of their automotive manufacturing customers.

If you would like to find out how MasterMover electric tug solutions can support your business, call 01335 30 10 30, email [email protected] or get in touch.

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Published on : 22-12-2021